Jun 6, 2012 at 11:33 AM


I'm using SilverCrmSoap in a project and it works just fine and have been for a while. Now however, I'm experiencing something odd.

I have a new requirement to my project that has been met with a plugin handling RetrieveMultiple on certain entities in the pre-operation state.

The idea is that the plugin will add additional conditions to the query expression before it gets executed depending on attributes on the calling user.

All of this works fine when I check from normal CRM views, advance find etc. but my Silverlight app that uses SilverCrmSoap still retrieves entites regardless of these systemuser attributes which points to, that the retrieve multiple requests from the Silverlight app, somehow "dodges" the plugin.

Could it be for some reason, that CrmSilverSoap converts QueryExpressions to something else, like FetchExpressions or something?

Because currently my plugin only checks for QueryExpressions in the context.InputParameters["Query"] attribut.

If not, could anyone give me an idea to something else that could cause this behavior?