Built following the steps in Walkthrough: Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources with Silverlight, this namespace provides access to the SOAP Endpoint. The SilverCrmSoap.CrmSdk also contains some examples for extending the base Entity class. In the SilverCrmSoap project a UserOwnedEntitiy class has been added that extends the Entity class and raises the appropriate event when a field is changed. By default the SOAP Entity object only raises a property changed event if the Attributes object itself is changed. In addition to the UserOwnedEntity class which specifies the default fields for user owned entities, an Annotation class has been added that inherits from the UserOwnedEntity, adding the specific fields for notes. This type of extension becomes important when you are attempting to facilitate data-binding.

For more information on how to use the early bound classes, please read the MSDN Article: Use the Early Bound Entity Classes in Code.

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